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New partnership between Nuadda and TranslatorsVillage

new partnership

  In 2024, a year of evolution and growth, we are pleased to announce that Translators Village and Nuadda have joined forces in the translation industry. This alliance represents a step forward in our continued pursuit of excellence and fills us with optimism and enthusiasm for the future. As the global world demands the highest… Leer más »

Nuadda awarded translation contract by the European Commission

Comisión Europea

Nuadda has been one of the four suppliers selected for the translation of European documents for the English-Spanish combination within the framework of the TRAD19 contract. This contract comes into force on July 1st and will last until February 29th 2024. The process has included several phases: * Technical and financial validation of the company… Leer más »

Update on Coronavirus


Madrid, March 30th 2020 Dear Clients and Colleagues, I truly hope you and your family are keeping safe and healthy. As I write these lines, more restrictions have been passed by the Spanish Government. But since we can work remotely, we are allowed to continue our operations without any extra limitation. As most of you… Leer más »

Continuity of services, business as usual [Coronavirus outbreak]

Coronavirus 1

Madrid, March 10th 2020 Dear Clients and Colleagues, Following governmental recommendations affecting our Madrid office, we have activated our contingency plan for coronavirus. Most of our staff are working from home since this morning, especially those who commute using pub= lic transportation. As we already had a flexible plan for employees, which includes working remotely,… Leer más »

How are audio to text transcripts made?

¿Cómo se hacen las trascripciones

Transcription work is required when we have an audio or video and need to pass its content to text, sometimes to translate the text at a later stage. Traditionally, the person doing the transcription listened to the text and typed simultaneously. Nowadays there are tools that help us to carry out this task more quickly… Leer más »

Do free translation systems work?

Logo Traductor Google

  Sometimes we need to translate a text and we choose to use a free translator. Either out of haste, out of savings, out of necessity or simply because we think it’s the best option, but is it? “English to Spanish Google free translator” is one of the most searched text regarding translations in the… Leer más »

How do I need to translate my website to sell my products?

Web pages are the visible face of our business, so it is very important that we have them optimized for the users we want to reach. If our target audience is in different countries, we must adapt our site so that the understanding is perfect. With the web translation, the website should not lose the… Leer más »

What should I take into account when ordering a sworn translation?

Traducción jurada certificada

Sworn translations are often ordered and after receiving the document, when going to deliver it to the appropriate body, we are told that they cannot accept it because that sworn translator is not authorized in that institution. To avoid this, always indicate at which institution you wish to deliver the document. In Spain, the Ministry… Leer más »

Less than 5% of Brazilians speak English

Jornadas de traducción en Brasil

A few days ago we had the opportunity to participate in the international congress of ABRATES in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. One of the sessions, presented by Juliana Pazetti, showed that, according to a survey conducted in 2018 by the Brazilian Association of English Culture and Babbel, only 5% of the population speaks… Leer más »

Our Decalogue

Número 10 pintado en el suelo

The best translation should not be perceived as such. By quality we mean meeting the expectations of our clients. Our team of coordinators will ensure that everything is under control throughout the project cycle. All of our linguists are native speakers of the target language and university graduates in Translation or in a specific field… Leer más »