What should I take into account when ordering a sworn translation?

Sworn translations are often ordered and after receiving the document, when going to deliver it to the appropriate body, we are told that they cannot accept it because that sworn translator is not authorized in that institution. To avoid this, always indicate at which institution you wish to deliver the document.

In Spain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation is the entity that appoints any new “Traductor-Intérprete Jurado” (Sworn Translator) for Spain. This sworn translator may work throughout Spain. It must be borne in mind that the sworn translator with this appointment is only for a specific language, for example, English or Arabic, but always from or into Spanish. In the event that the institution where the documentation is to be presented is not Spanish, we advise you to consult exactly what requirements the translator must have, as this institution has the power to decide whether or not to accept it.

For example, if the document is to be presented at an embassy or consulate of another country on Spanish territory, we must first confirm that the translator is authorised by that embassy or consulate. It is not enough to be appointed as a sworn translator authorised in that country. For example, the Bilbao consulate does not accept any sworn translation even if it comes from a sworn translator authorised by the Ministry of Justice of Romania and this translation is signed and stamped; it only accepts those sworn translators who have been previously accredited before that consulate.

What is the process?

In order to carry out the translation we do not need to receive the original; a scanned copy or a quality photograph is sufficient. We make an estimate, based on the number of words, and once accepted, we select the appropriate sworn translator according to language, experience and availability. Once the translation has been completed, we carry out a quality control to ensure that there are no omissions or errors that could delay the process of presenting the document. A scanned copy is then sent by email and the original by courier.

How soon will my sworn translation be ready?

If it is a single document, such as a university degree, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours after confirmation and payment. We will then be able to email you a PDF of the scanned document. The original of the sworn translation will be sent to the provided address. If you live in Madrid, you can also pick it up at our offices.

What happens if I need it urgently?

At Nuadda we have a network of sworn translators throughout Spain, so even in urgent cases we will try to assign you a sworn translator close to your home, giving you the chance to pick it up on the day it is finished.

Are there digital sworn translations?

Sworn translators can sign their sworn translations digitally with their signature duly issued by the FNMT (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre); this avoids shipping costs. However, since this procedure is not yet common in Spain, we recommend that you consult the corresponding body if this option is accepted.