How do I need to translate my website to sell my products?

Venta en línea

Web pages are the visible face of our business, so it is very important that we have them optimized for the users we want to reach. If our target audience is in different countries, we must adapt our site so that the understanding is perfect. With the web translation, the website should not lose the essence of our business. Therefore, using online web translators can be a mistake, as literal translations can make our texts meaningless. If you are thinking of translating your WordPress or translating your online store content it is better to rely on professionals who can include those adaptations that only a person who knows the culture of the country can add, something that this type of tools do not offer.

In addition to this aspect, we must bear in mind that traffic to the website translated into other languages is directly influenced by the keywords for those languages. If we translate the keywords (SEO) literally, it is very likely that it does not match the expressions and keywords used by our target audience in another country or language. It doesn’t make sense to invest in SEO in our original language and not for our translated websites, does it?