Nuadda awarded translation contract by the European Commission

Nuadda has been one of the four suppliers selected for the translation of European documents for the English-Spanish combination within the framework of the TRAD19 contract. This contract comes into force on July 1st and will last until February 29th 2024.

The process has included several phases:

* Technical and financial validation of the company and its linguists

* Evaluation of translation tests, revision and case study of order management.

* Weighting of this evaluation together with the economic proposal.

With this new contract, a new stage begins for the Directorate-General of Translation (DGT) of the European Union. In the words of its Head of Unit, Werner Grünewald: “… we aim at a real partnership with our contractors through direct communication. We are looking very much forward to this new way of working and are convinced that this approach enables us to overcome the challenges DGT and its contractors have to face in fulfilling its mission and provide timely, high quality translations to the Commission.”

Both the internal and external team at Nuadda are very proud to be part of this group. We are fully committed to contribute to communication within the State members.