Our Decalogue

  1. The best translation should not be perceived as such.
  2. By quality we mean meeting the expectations of our clients.
  3. Our team of coordinators will ensure that everything is under control throughout the project cycle.
  4. All of our linguists are native speakers of the target language and university graduates in Translation or in a specific field with several years of translation experience.
  5. We believe in fair payment and on time to our collaborators because they are a fundamental part of our team.
  6. We believe that work can only be done with excellence if we have the right training and tools.
  7. We promote real measures to reconcile personal and family life.
  8. We like to enjoy a customised relationship with both clients and collaborators.
  9. We enjoy our work because we are passionate about challenges, so we are open to new projects to adapt ourselves to an evolving market.
  10. We love this job because we can help our clients save more lives, inform better, offer more services, and ensure that everything they have worked on reaches as many people as possible, regardless of the language they prefer to use.