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Amidst the many different sectors in which Nuadda works, the medical, veterinary, and pharmaceutical sectors are some of the most prominent. In this section we shall explain the different language solutions that we have to offer these types of companies in order for them to reach a wider audience in the most accurate and effective manner.

Within our remit, we can provide services to companies and healthcare organisations, such as translation of medical reports, international pharmaceutical presentations, training content and any other type of international medical events and conferences. Therefore, at Nuadda we pride ourselves in being able to contribute towards bringing the most significant and current advances as regards health to all parts of the world.

As regards translation services, we comply with specific quality standards (ISO 17100:2015), which enables us to maintain clearly defined procedures for the selection of the best suited personnel, traceability, and quality assurance.

En base a la importancia del sector, el servicio de Nuadda ofrece 3 grandes ventajas a nuestros clientesexpedience, accuracy, and absolute confidentialityThanks to these features, our translation and interpretation services help to ensure the success of your company's growth.

Specialised translation within the health sector

As with many other sectors, healthcare translation requires a high level of specialisation for translations to be accurate and effective. Medical terminology is very vast and extremely complex, therefore the existence of a sound basis of scientific knowledge is fundamental, in order to best solve translation problems. At Nuadda, we pride ourselves on having a professional team of specialist translators who are highly skilled in this field.

Consistency and accuracy are two of the key elements in translating texts related to the health and pharmaceutical sector, given that the information and the scope of the message to be provided to the public depend on it.

Interpretation within the health sector with a view to enhancing the scope of the message

Written translation is complemented by our interpretation service. Our team is prepared to provide high-quality simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation for all types of events, conferences, training sessions, symposiums, negotiations, or clinical trials for healthcare, pharmaceutical or veterinary companies or institutions.

This allows our clients and medical companies to convey the message to all audiences, bridging language barriers and reaching customers and patients in the most accurate and fluent manner.

Interpretation is currently subject to ongoing technological improvements, as part of the evolution and innovation in which we are immersed. At Nuadda we look towards progress and strive to keep ourselves in a constant learning process, which enables us to offer the best translation and interpretation services in the healthcare sector.

Ultimately, the work we offer is of the utmost confidentiality, as we are aware of its importance to the success of the health and pharmaceutical sector. For this reason, we undertake an extensive process of reviewing and editing all our work prior to delivery, in order to avoid any mistakes, however small they may be. Likewise, we carry out several security measures to protect our clients' most sensitive data.

If your company needs reliable translation and interpretation services, do not hesitate to contact us, and take your international communication to the next level of excellence. You can remove all geographic and language barriers, enabling your company to grow at an increasing pace. Please check out our specific sections and services to find out more about what we have to offer.