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Corporations: legal and financial documentation Translation in all languages

Professional translations

At Nuadda we are very much aware of the needs of corporations, in particular when handling legal and financial information, whereby expansion and internationalisation require an outstanding translation service.

In today's globalised world, it is fundamental to have an external translation and interpretation company in order to establish linguistic solutions that break down the language barriers between different corporations and speakers. That is why we focus on legal and financial content, whereaccuracy, confidentiality and expedienceare key ingredients to the success of any transaction. Corporate documentation in different languages is often required prior to a possible company merger or acquisition, should any of the parties or assets be in a different country. These include compliance documents, sustainability documents, financial reports, management reports, asset reports or financial account statements and minutes pertaining to shareholder meetings.

To this end, we have designed this specific service, with the aim of effectively assisting companies, regardless of the context, event, negotiation, or operation.

Specialised translation within the legal and financial sector

Some of the most requested and necessary work undertaken by us for corporations relates to the translation of legal documents, financial reports, proposals, and projects. Nonetheless, interpretation also plays an important role in all types of meetings with international clients, advertising events, project presentations, board meetings or conferences.

Whatever the case, translation requires a high level of specialisation and accuracy, providing a high-quality service and conveying the message to its fullest extent.

The world of corporate companies and legal and financial consultancies demands that one master a very specific terminology, therefore, it is necessary to have a team of translators who are well versed in the legal and financial terms used in each particular case.

Compliance with specific translation service quality standards (ISO 17100:2015) ensures that we maintain procedures where the selection of the most suited personnel, traceability and quality assurance are perfectly defined.As regards translation services, we comply with specific quality standards (ISO 17100:2015), which enables us to maintain clearly defined procedures for the selection of the best suited personnel, traceability, and quality assurance.

Our professionals are at the forefront of the industry because they not only deliver extremely accurate translations, but also because they have a solid knowledge base in each sector that they work with. This specialised training enables our professionals to convey legal and financial details with a high degree of accuracy.

This ensures that the translation is not a literal reproduction of the original message (which could lead to mistakes or even convey the wrong message), but rather an interpretation that is as faithful as possible to the source text, so as to effectively convey the ideas expressed into the target language.

Interpretation for corporate companies

At Nuadda we focus in translation and interpretation. This latter point is of vital importance in today's business sector due to the global dynamics of international conferences and meetings.

Whatever the event, having a fluent and effective communication is a must if one wishes to succeed in their negotiations and business operations. In said cases, it is very common to have to negotiate several contractual clauses, whereby simultaneous interpretation would be the best tool.

The same applies to shareholder meetings or conferences, where a team of specialised interpreters can bridge the language gaps between participants, thus improving the overall communication and effectiveness of the event.

In any of these situations, Nuadda can offer a personalised service to meet all corporate needs, thus providing both simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation, as well as liaison services, in addition to the above-mentioned translations. Nuadda's service in this sector is based on three main ingredients that are key to success: expedience, accuracy, and confidentiality.

Innovation and technology in business sector translation and interpretation

Our translation and interpreting service for corporate entities and consultancy companies requires constant updating. We are aware of the importance that innovation and technological and digital development is gaining on companies, and we therefore understand that our service must be in line with this.

In this sense, Nuadda is committed to its philosophy of continuous learning to stay abreast of any details that can improve our translation service. We incorporate new technology whenever this helps us to become more efficient and sustainable in the long term. For this reason, the ongoing training of our team is a priority for us, and we actively participate in national, European, and global forums and associations.

Naturally, our work is undertaken with the utmost confidentiality because we are aware that we are working with highly sensitive data given its importance to the success of legal and financial operations. Likewise, we have several security levels in place in order to protect our clients' vital data.

If your company needs reliable translation and interpretation services, do not hesitate to contact us, and take your international communication to the next level of excellence. You can remove all geographic and language barriers, enabling your company to grow at an increasing pace. Please check out our specific sections and services to find out more about what we have to offer.