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Third sector: NGO’s, Associations and Foundations.

Professional translations

Social commitment is yet another of the values that govern Nuadda's work as a translation and interpretation bureau. The impact of non-profit organisations, cooperatives, foundations, and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is tremendous in the eyes of millions of people around the world, which is why we believe that their work to help many groups is fundamental. As part of this social impact, we at Nuadda love to work with these organisations, in order to bring their work, their projects and their messages to all audiences, breaking down any language barriers and promoting their work.

That is why our services of translation and interpretation within the social sector are adapted to the specific needs of this area. In this respect, some of the most outstanding features of our work areaccuracy, timeliness, and contextualisationof each content, based on the intended audience.

Furthermore, we are familiar with and prepared to tackle any type of work that focuses on human rights, humanitarian aid and/or the environment. Because of the importance we place on these goals, it is our belief that a good translation and interpretation team is essential so as to not compromise any of this social work.

What does our work consist of within the Third Sector, as regards Associations and Foundations?

As a translation and interpretation bureau, Nuadda works with associations offering them a 360º linguistic service. This means providing all types of translation and interpretation according to the needs of each association, whilst always focusing on conveying the nature of the message as accurately as possible, taking into account the cultural context of the target audience.

This is particularly relevant as regards the NGO and foundation sector, where they work in very multicultural and diverse environments that demand a high degree of accuracy on behalf of professional translators. This requires an effective team of translators to maximise the work of the Association, increasing the influence radius of the message, thus taking the project to any country, and maximising its impact.

Furthermore, given that they are aware of their limitations, they can benefit from special conditions. When an NGO or any other Association with a social purpose wishes to increase the impact of its work and help more and more people, it needs to be able to count on a series of translations or even the work of a team of interpreters so as to achieve maximum participation. This enables them to communicate with many more people who are willing to collaborate. This also boosts participation and support networks for the organisation.

On the other hand, hiring the services of a translation company such as Nuadda is also essential for building closer relationships with governments, state bodies and even other associations in the target country.

The need for context and its cultural specificities

Within the third sector, where we work with Associations, NGOs, and Foundations, it is of utmost importance that we know the specificities of the culture that we wish to get close to.

Cultural awareness is one of the fundamental characteristics of our translation and interpretation service, in which we place a great deal of importance on knowing the context in order to produce a fully accurate and appropriate translation.

Each culture has its own specificities, and it is of vital importance that one understands them sin order to avoid making mistakes when interpreting.

Interpretation for the Third Sector

At Nuadda we are also experts in interpretation work for events, conferences, and community meetings, where we provide our language service at affordable prices to improve communication and remove all language barriers.

We are committed to providing a holistic approach to addressing the language needs of Associations, NGOs, and Foundations in order to further their work and promote a positive change in society.

If your organisation is looking for a reliable and specialised translation and interpretation service, do not hesitate to visit our "Third sector: NGOs, Associations and Foundations" section on our website. We would be delighted to provide you with more information and assist you in communicating more effectively with the communities you serve.