Why do I tell my freelancers about Together?

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By Arancha Caballero

In slightly less than a month, I will be in Berlin to attend the second edition of Together, an Elia event conceived from the beginning as a meeting point for freelance translators and translation companies. Some time ago, I was given the task of organizing this event—I cannot remember if I was crazy enough to volunteer or some of my dear fellow Elia directors “volunteered” me for the task. It does not matter since I immediately bought the idea as a much needed forum. Our first edition took place in Barcelona in 2016 and as one of the attendees pointed out, “I felt that there was a new atmosphere and a new energy at Together. It is not so much what this conference was over the two days, as its prospect for transforming our industry”.

In the translation and localization events environment there are no specific events for both parties of the supply chain. And it is a need. It is necessary in order to understand that working in silos is not possible anymore, that we must work together, or even just for the sake of the industry we love—to show respect for each other´s position and lay heads Together.

One of the questions I am often asked comes from other owners of translation companies, “Why should I send my translators to this event? They might meet other companies to work for!”

Hello? Welcome to the digital-all-at-your-fingertips-world! For me, the reasons are clear:

First of all, a freelancer is a free professional who can approach any given company to offer their services. They need to pay their bills, as we all do. I cannot keep all my freelance translators busy all the time.

Secondly, I want them to be the best. The more they translate, the more they know.

I want them to be aware of what is going on in the industry. I can write blogs about the events I attend or tell them but they will believe a third party more than me.

I want them to be well trained in the tools they use, in order for them to be more efficient and better at quality control and terminology, among other things. But I cannot train all of them, that is why we have a technology track and we partner with tool providers to provide training.

Still thinking that open relationships are not the future? 

Arancha Caballero is the Organising Committee Chair of Elia´s Together and Managing Director of Nuadda Words and Languages SL, a translation company based in Madrid (Spain).