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Is small beautiful in translation?

La leyenda del colibri

Or why we added internal translators to our team By Arancha Caballero, Founder and Managing Director of Nuadda When I created Nuadda, I wanted to minimise fixed costs as much as possible. I was adamant in not wanting to add internal translators to the team. Not only because the digitisation development made it possible to… Leer más »

I can use Google Translate, why should I pay for a translation service?

Toque de dios al humano en la capilla sixtina

A few weeks ago, Slator—the reference media for the translation industry—published a very interesting article on a paper by two recognized institutions: Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute and Yale’s Department of Political Science. A group of experts on artificial intelligence (AI) were asked about the future for some tasks currently performed by humans. Specifically,… Leer más »